Are you looking to accelerate your business? To grow, and grow strongly? And to make the time to focus on working *on* your business rather than *in* it? Then you need new ideas, strategies, and even behaviours.

An application to join isn't a certainty that you'll get a place, its important that you're a good fit for us and the group and visa-versa. We only have one place open in the group at the moment, so contact us to find out more...

After all, if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten. Now's the time to make a change, and this Mastermind is absolutely the group to help you do that.
Strictly limited to a maximum of eight businesses, this is a small group, facilitated programme where you get the ultimate in value-add:
  • unrivalled knowledge from industry-leading experts
  • cutting-edge insights into the latest thinking around areas like sales psychology
  • dedicated time every session just for you and your business, with everyone in the room focused on helping you overcome your challenge or leverage your opportunity
  • support from a carefully selected group of non-competitive peers
  • complete accountability.
Led by Alan Adams and Felicity Wingrove, you'll have access to two of the leading experts in their respective fields - sales and marketing communications - in the UK. Check out the videos to see the impact their UK-wide Mastermind has had on attending businesses. Now, for the first time they're bringing it home, and you could be a part of it... Here's all the details.
What is a Mastermind Group?

The concept of ‘Mastermind’ was introduced by Napoleon Hill in his 1930s book, Think and Grow Rich. It’s when a small group of entrepreneurs come together in a structured environment for the success of all. Or, as Hill put it: “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, working toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.”
Who’s Right for Mastermind?
If you’re an ambitious business owner and you’re looking to grow your profits and develop your dream lifestyle then this is for you. You need to be able to accept critique, you need to take action, and you need to be comfortable with being held accountable. This is a group focused on growth, and to achieve that you’ll need all three of these.

With a small group of hand-picked businesses in the room, this will be a round-table discussion where you will gain insight into what is working right now in terms of business growth and how that applies specifically to your business. Alan and Felicity will lead the discussion and share business development, marketing, communication strategies and leadership strategies that are specifically relevant to the invited businesses. You can expect a huge RIO on your investment.
Who's Alan
Alan is an award-winning business coach and bestselling author. He’s helped hundreds of businesses across the UK to move from simply surviving to positively thriving. 

He’s driven to share practical advice and guidance to help revolutionise turnover, client retention and overall business growth.

Alan was recognised by Enterprise Nation as one of the UK’s Top 50 Advisors (2020 Sales Category) and by the APCTC as a Coach of The Year Finalist. Alan will lead on all things sales-focused.

Mastermind Membership Benefits

9 X Meetings where you'll learn about my renowned DEPTH Business Growth System plus a coaching session to troubleshoot issues you personal have within your business.
VALUE £9000

Each meeting we'll be having a deep dive into a specific sales or marketing strategy, but we'll also be introducing some truly incredible people who are renowned experts in their own fields.
Value £7000

One to One Power Calls, a scheduled 20 minute check in between every session will ensure you stick to your commitments and get you unstuck and driving your business forward
VALUE £5000

Unlimited Email Support 
So you get pretty much any business questions answered straight away, by either us or one of our industry experts
VALUE £4000

As a Mastermind member you'll also have 24/7 access to The Business Growth Vault, this is packed full of video's on marketing, sales and pretty much anything else that you'll need to grow a successful business.
VALUE £10,000

We are committed to your business success, so as part our commitment to you, you'll be given lifetime access to The Business Growth Vault, to ensure you always have help on hand.
Value Priceless 

Total Mastermind Business Value
£35,000 +

Your Mastermind Group
If your application is accepted you’ll be part of a small group of no more than eight businesses and you’ll all get to know each other really well. You’ll also have Alan and Fliss there to support you, as well as access to a dedicated online membership area which contains videos and downloads to assist you in all areas of business growth, from sales and marketing to team building.

The Logistics 
Our Mastermind Group will come together every six weeks, due to Covid we plan to do this virtual to start with, but then face-to-face later in the year at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce building in Telford. Our first session started on Tuesday 2nd March 2021 and four weeks after each session, Fliss or Alan will host a power call video call with you to check that you’re on target, and to support you to deliver on your commitments. Mastermind investment is typically £1000 + VAT, however these are exceptional times and we are looking to remove the burden of cost for those that want to join, so in return for case studies and testimonials at the end of the first year, we can offer a very special rate of £350+VAT per month
What People Say About Alan and Felicity
“I am delighted to say that Alan has really helped take our company, to ‘the next level’ in our business development. His approach is wonderful, in that it is empathetic, entirely supportive and totally creative. Alan has such a wealth of industry knowledge which he constantly updates in order to provide you, as his client, with the most cutting edge, and creative approaches to develop your business. His sense of humour, and ability to ‘think outside of the box’ are priceless qualities which you will find difficult to find elsewhere in the industry. I can truly recommend Alan"

Kirsty Jandrell |Managing Director | TARA Professional Recruitment
My experience of working with Fliss has been an eye-opener. I had been aware of her background and was aware that she has risen to the very top of her profession. What I hadn't expected was the speed at which she was able to understand a brief, and understand an issue, and deal with it to deliver a 100% right communications strategy for us instantly. She reminded me of the value of hiring professionals as we would never have achieved the results we did without Fliss' help. 

Steve Brennan | Director | Bespoke Digital
I've known Alan for a few years now. He's contributed some fantastic articles to my magazine – Aesthetic Medicine – and has spoken as part of our Business Workshop programmes at the two conferences we run. Alan is a great speaker, he's informative, entertaining and great at capturing the audience's attention with useful takeaways and insights. I'd recommend him both as a business expert and as a speaker.

Vicky Eldridge | Editor |Aesthetic Medicine

Felicity has infectious energy, she’s creative and bright. Very polished delivery and at the vanguard of high quality media messaging. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Felicity to any of my clients. She’s also great fun!

Andy Moss | Business Development Director | Lloyds Bank
Alan has really helped us focus on what’s important for growing are business and the profits, he took us through his DEPTH™ programme, the output of which were strategies and tactics that we could start implement immediately, we’ve been able to make better decisions quicker, meaning faster growth, Alan’s been a huge asset to the business and I can highly recommend investing in his coaching program.

Mark Greenway |Director | Mooch Creative
You can meet people who will help you to some degree in your business. Rarely can you meet the perfect business that hits the highest pitch. This lady is just that perfect person.  In one hour she hit the mark and I was out the door to success in marketing, PR and her famous word science. Thank you Fliss for all the help you give my company and me.

Deborah Mitchell | CEO | Heavenskincare UAE,UK,USA
So Let's Recap

Here's what you're going to get:
  • Every 6 Weeks​: Face-to-face meeting with Alan, Felicity and the rest of your Mastermind group to support you with the challenges and opportunities faced by you in growing your business
  • Accelerator Workshops: Each meeting we'll be having a deep dive into certain sales or marketing strategy, but we'll also be introducing some truly incredible people who are renowned experts in their own fields. 
  • ​Power Calls: Few weeks after the previous meeting Fliss or Alan will host a video call with you to check that you’re on target, and to support you to deliver on your commitments
  • The Business Growth Vault: You'll have 24/7 access to this digital asset that contains videos, audio and downloads, covering everything from marketing, sales, team building and HR, it's the ultimate "how to guides" for every area of your business
  • ​Lifetime Access: We're committed to your business success, so as part our commitment to you, you'll be given lifetime access to The Business Growth Vault, to ensure you always have help on hand.
  • First 12 months Part Funded:  Mastermind investments are typically around the £1000, however in return for case studies and testimonials at the end of the first year, we can offer a very special rate of £350+VAT per month

Kevin Rogers | CEO of Paycare
"I consider Flick as an essential part of our business. She is truly inspirational"
Daniel Berry | Mooch Creative
"Alan is an excellent business coach. Focused, articulate and results orientated, Alan's straight-forward approach to coaching has had a dramatic impact on our business"

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