Alan S Adams Former Royal Navy Submariner Reveals The Silent Service Secrets That Will Propel Your Business Success Forward
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"The Five Ways Super-Successful Business Owners Get DEPTH™ and How Staying Shallow is a Slow Death"

Why Getting DEPTH™ Is Essential To Your Business Success Plus We Show You How To More Than Double Your Businesses Turnover
OK, so you’re probably thinking "what’s the catch?" Why am I giving so much away for FREE? Well it’s simple, you see I know that this stuff absolutely works and I'm on a mission to get this in the hands of 10,000 business owners. Don't worry about being sold to either as there is absolutely nothing to buy. If you wanted to be a client of mine you'd have to wait a while as my work life balance is spot on. I'm just fed up of seeing business owners that are the back bone of the country struggling and I'm determined to help those that want help. It’s my way of giving something back and I’ve even put aside a few hours a week to talk to people if they want some suggestions on how to overcome whatever their particular challenge is.
If You're a Business Owner, You Can Get An Exclusive Offer To Some Incredible Online Tools And My Book That Will Increase Your Profits, Guaranteed - No Payment Required!

Dear Business Owner

It has never been more competitive than it is now, but believe it or not this is great news!

A lot of your competitors are still using traditional methods. Not just in how they operate and market, but how they position themselves.

Better still, they’re even doing these poorly, especially the more well-established businesses...

In fact, a lot of the more established businesses are resting on their laurels and living off their old reputations, which means their clients are ripe for the picking.

But you need to make sure that your house is completely in order to win them over...
Are You Ready?
You may have spent years developing your skills, by attending events, and investing tens of thousands both in equipment and training.

Plus, you may have genuine passion for what you do, and care deeply about your clients. But I bet you just keep hitting a glass ceiling growth-wise, or you're not just growing as fast as you hoped.

To make matters worse, most of your time is spent with people who don't appreciate you, what you provide and who keep trying to knock you down on price.

If you’re reading this then you’ll know that we’ve moved on from the traditional ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy.

In the good old days you could place some adverts in your local paper and Yellow Pages.

Then, if you wanted to be really flashy, you could do some radio ads and sit back to wait for the phone to ring. But I hate to break it to you.
The Good Old Days 
Are Gone
None of us can rely on being the "only provider" of our services or products any more.   

In fact, we’re not just competing with the business down the road, but national and international brands, too. Those overseas too, and the market has never been more competitive, but you have so many opportunities as a result. 

If you're searching for practical tips that will have an immediate impact on your profits, and with access to an online workshop, a digital copy of "Survive To Thrive" and business building tools, then this is for you.

Who's Alan
As an award-winning business coach and bestselling author, Alan Adams has helped hundreds of businesses across the UK to move from simply surviving to positively thriving. 

Already author of three books, Survive To Thrive, Passion To Profit and The Beautiful Business, Alan is now Working on his forth book Invictus For Business: A Submariners Guide To Business Success, which sees him focus on bringing his experience from Royal Navy nuclear subs and applying these philosophies into businesses, sharing advice and guidance with the potential to revolutionise business turnover, client retention and overall growth. 

Alan was also recognised by Enterprise Nation as one of the UK's Top 50 Advisors and an APCTC Coach of The Year Finalist.

What People Think Of Alan's Workshops...
"Alan delivered an inspiring presentation about how other clinic owners can double their profits through the power of small change, which was fantastically received. It was a brilliant event and I’d highly recommend him"

Deborah Mitchell | Heaven Skincare
"I thought the workshop was excellent, whenever I’ve seen these in the past they have been a sales fest!! With Alan’s I came out with ideas I can implement very easily A+"

Paul Landa | Zechro Designs 
“I always had loads of ideas, and considered myself pretty focused, but working with Alan really took everything to another level and has driven my business forward at a pace that's blown me away, I can highly recommend him.” 
Charlie Hutton | Director | Direct Response Aficionado On Steroids 
“Alan's Masterclass workshops have been instrumental in the growth of my business, enabling me to focus more on the company rather than being in it” 

  Andy Rao | Managing Director of Key 3 Media 
"Loved the workshop. I am setting up my own clinic in the coming months and found this to be extremely helpful. I'd recommend Alan's workshops if you are hoping to improve your profits without wasting too much money on marketing, very inspirational"
Krishna Singh | KS Clinic

"Reminded me of important issues that I had forgotten as well as some new ones. Didn’t know really what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised at how excellent it was" 

Terry Lowrie-Herz | THIS Insures 

“For a 50 minute snap-shot of what’s important for business owners/managers to ensure success, this was an excellent session!”

Justine Vaughan | Triangle HR     
What You'll Get From The Workshop and Bonuses
  •  Double Your Turnover - Practical advice on the five areas to focus on to more than double you turnover
  •  Get Your Website To Work - Learn 10 strategies that your web designer probably doesn't know about, but you have to have on your website to get clients through the door and spending money
  •  New Clients - We'll teach you how to use lead magnets to get your ideal client to happily leave their details, and see you as the expert in your field
  •  Help Clients to Buy - We'll show you how a simple sales script can guarantee people buy from you the first time you speak to them
  •  Say Goodbye to Penny Pinchers - Learn the proven tactics to position yourself as the go-to business in your area
  •  Time Management - Pick-up techniques to gain an extra 30 minutes a day out of your business - which equates to an extra two working weeks a year of fee time
  •  Pay Per Click - Don't use Google Ads until you read the digital download of Survive To Thrive
  •  Client Love - We'll show you how, by implementing this one strategy, your clients will give you referral after referral
  •  The Power Of Small Change - Showing you it's the little things that count towards your profits
  •  Magazine Adverts - What to do with them and five things every advert has to have
  •  Developing Sales Scripts – Maximise your chances of converting leads into clients by planning out what you’re going to say using a simple sales formula
  •  Where To Focus – Five simple areas, that if you focus on with the strategies and tactics within this book, you will more than double your businesses turnover 
  •  Bookend Your Day – A simple technique which will skyrocket your productivity and get you working on the important things within your business moving you forward even quicker than you imagined  
  •  Lead Magnets – How to follow up and get people to buy from you 
  •  Effective Business Plan – Only a few pages long, this tactic is simple to follow and keeps you on track to succeed  
  •  Plus So Much More...
How a lot of business owners end up with a bully for a business, where they're not even the highest paid hourly paid person and what you need to do to avoid this
Understanding the cash trap and how profits don't equate to money in the bank or your pocket

Knowing the difference between what's Urgent and Important in your business, will transform how successful you're going to be

Why your ultimate business success will come down to understanding the all the options you have open to you, to push your business forward
The power of small change across five key ares of your business, can have a huge impact on your bottom line and the cash you can take out of the business
Strategies V Tactics, understanding how if you're dying slowly or surviving, feels exactly the same and what you need to do
Getting DEPTH(TM) and how everything you do has to get your business providing you with lifestyle (Destination) you desire 

What we can learn from Polar explorers when it comes to planning for growth and understanding how it's a level playing field when it comes to growing our business
Plus You'll Unlock Additional Bonuses
As soon as you sign up, you'll also get instant access to additional webinars
that include some of my latest training material and some highly effective business building tools...

Video Testimonials
What Alan's Wider Clients Say About
His Workshops and Support

What Sally says about working with Alan 

#Bonus 1 
A digital copy of the Amazon bestseller "Survive To Thrive" packed with strategies and tactics that can be implemented into your business, to grow your profits and get you the lifestyle you crave.

#Bonus 2
A range of tools designed to help your track and plan for your business growth, that include a Project Planning Tool, a Line Of Sight Breakthrough Plan and a Sales Pipeline Tool to track and predict what business you've got coming through

#Bonus 3
Additional documents sent directly to your email address, that in conjunction with the digital copy of book Survive To Thrive, will help you become more efficient with your time in allowing in you to plan and track your activity and ultimately increase your profits, an example of a Lead Magnet, plus questions to ask your Ad-words guru before you engage with them.
So Lets Recap
Here's what you're going to get:
  •  Instant access to "How To Double Your Turnover With The Power Of Small Change" where we show you how get a 134% uplift in turnover.
  •  Bonus 1 The digital version of "Survive To Thrive" emailed to you immediately. Specifically written for business owners just like you
  •  Bonus 2  A range of tools designed to help your track and plan for your business growth, that include a Project Planning Tool, a Line Of Sight Breakthrough Plan and a Sales Pipeline Tool to track and predict what business you've got coming through
  •  Bonus 3 is a range of PDF's that in conjunction with the book Survive To Thrive, will help you become more efficient with your time in allowing in you to plan and track your activity and ultimately increase your profits.
These extra bonuses along with the workshop, are worth well over ££hundreds.
But you’ll get them all for FREE, just for signing up Now.

Think about it, what if this knowledge helps you get just ONE more customer

Just ONE.

What would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself...

What if the workshop and the bonuses help you to get customer after customer.

How much would that be worth to you? A thousand pounds? Ten thousand? More?  

Just the POSSIBILITY of being able to have this kind of success in your life would be worth a lot more than the full retail price of the workshop, bonuses, book and business building tools.

I’ve personally invested over ten years and countless hours testing and perfecting everything, down to the last little detail so I could get off that income roller coaster.

I wish that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, insight and experience when I started. 

And I know that you’ll be glad you made the investment in yourself once you have your first success after watching the webinars, reading the book and using the tools.

For most business owners I know, it would be priceless.

This offer wont be here forever, so act now - what have you got to lose?

Deborah Mitchell | Heaven Skincare 
"Alan delivered an inspiring presentation about how other business owners can double their profits through the power of small change, which was fantastically received. It was a brilliant event and I’d highly recommend him"
 Kirsty Jandrell |TARA Recruitment  
“ Alan has such a wealth of industry knowledge which he constantly updates in order to provide you, as his client, with the most cutting edge, and creative approaches to develop your business. His sense of humour, and ability to ‘think outside of the box’ are priceless qualities which you will find difficult to find elsewhere in the industry!"

Your Sincerely 

Alan Adams
Coach of the Year Finalist
UK Top 50 Advisor 
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